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Research: until LAST was included into EARLINET, no other lab from Romania and Balcanic region submitted data to the European data bases from environment investigation using laser remote sensing, so that studies involving aerosols could not include Eastern European region . In general balcanic region provides averages of the parameters on long terms and only at ground level. These are insufficient for good spatial and temporal resolution analysis or for prognosis analysis. Existence of a well equipped lab at international standards will facilitate better prediction output from the models.

Education: university level education- one of the domains directly involved; this project will help university departments by providing specialized equipments for individual work for development of master and PhD thesis in a new and challenging domain. Some of the student will be attracted by the working conditions and satisfaction of a high quality professional carrier in their own country, which in turn will diminish the “drain-brain” phenomenon. Also we will have the opportunity to demonstrate one more time that is very useful to use remote sensing techniques for environmental studies. New specialized domains will show up into the university departments for training of students in environmental monitoring, protection and evaluation.

Economy: Nationally and internationally there is a need for laboratory development using remote sensing techniques for environmental monitoring and delinquency from far distances but in real time. This way we will be able to inform authorities about pollution from manufactures and factories and quick measures can be taken. Companies and environment authorities will take advantage of the accurate, rapid and precise environment data from laser remote sensing equipments. Also parameters that usually are not available from experimental data will be provided for meteorological prognosis, diminishing the errors. Impact studies will become more accurate due to the high resolution of the remote sensing data.