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LAST-Laboratory for Environmental Studies using remote sensing Techniques is an initiative of INOE to concentrate all available resources and to exploit new opportunities in order to establish a well-equipped, well-trained and well-recognized centre for environmental research based on lidar technologies, in order to contribute to the high quality European research. The mission of this centre is not only to operate within European and global networks of the same type, but to act as nuclei for a future Romanian lidar network and a possible lidar centre in SE of Europe.

The aim of the project: Intensive and extensive development of LAST, which is part of INOE and wants to become an active member of European Networks: EARLINET and AERONET.

General objectives of the project: to increase the research and development capacity and to stimulate innovation by modernization of the existing labs to work in the networks and implement European tactics.

Project Impact:

Total income from research projects will increase by 250% in 2011 - 2017, comparing with 2007 because of: